A practical guide to improving productivity and efficiency in manufacturing

NexSys has spent the last four decades forming relationships with UK manufacturers. We understand the challenges they face and have ongoing discussions about how to navigate an ever-changing commercial landscape. Our toolkit of solutions is truly transformative, and our latest white paper aims to shine a light on how ERP can help overcome the obstacles ahead by building resilience, driving efficiencies, and boosting the bottom line.

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Chapter 1


Nick McGrane, Managing Director of NexSys


Chapter 2

State of the Industry

What should manufacturers plan for in 2023?


Chapter 3

Real Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not just about changing technology 


Chapter 4

Sustainability and Carbon Auditing

Opportunities to measure your sustainability with NexSys 


Chapter 5


Objectives of a successful productivity improvement programme 


Chapter 6


Creating a culture that works


Chapter 7

Future of British Manufacturing

2023 and Beyond 


Chapter 8 

Customer Stories 

Part 1


Chapter 9 

Customer Stories

Part 2


What our customers are saying

"They are always happy to listen to our ideas and show us how SYSPRO and NexSys solutions can help. NexSys shares our ethos, values and we rely on their support to help keep us moving forward as a business.”

Michelle Kazakevics, IT Manager, BPW Limited

“It’s an ongoing process and we’ll never stand still. There’s always more that SYSPRO can do for us. NexSys is a long term partner and we’ll continue working together to help meet our business goals.”

Sonia Freed, Managing Director, Europa