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Web Expenses

Spend and Expense Management

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Employee Portal

As part of the Equator family of products the Equator Employee Portal allows employees to access their personal information directly from a Web Browser. Typically this will allow your employees to view or modify their specific personal information. This can reduce the burden on your Human Resource professionals to respond to routine employee requests and enquiries, and free them from many routine administration tasks maintaining the database.


The Payroll module is designed to provide maximum flexibility combined with ease of use for organisations needing an effective solution to the complex task of payroll administration. Equator is continually developed to reflect the latest statutory changes as they are introduced.

Time Attendance

Equator's Time & Attendance solution allows the electronic capture of time and attendance details for any number of employees, via industrial and low-cost time clocks or PC based time clock emulator software, using bar-code, magnetic proximity, biometric fingerprint or touch screen technology. The system also allows data to be captured from standard PDAs using Bluetooth wireless.


Equator's Personnel solution from K3 provides an effective solution to an organisation's human resource requirements. Decision making is made credible and harnesses employee management and set objectives. Employee details, recruitment, induction, job objectives, reviews, training, skills, health & safety, career paths, holidays and absences, medical details and accident recording are all catered for, enabling comprehensive personnel administration.

Shop Floor Data Collection

The SFDC module enables information from the factory floor to be collected and collated electronically. As each operation or activity is performed, the information is captured by the employees 'swiping' or 'wanding', using bar-code pens,scanners or through direct entry into a data capture time clock.

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Equator Enables All Round Payday Savings and New Efficiencies

K3 Syspro has an electronic payslip functionality included in its Advanced Human Resource Management Software tool to save time and money.