Labcold, the UK’s largest manufacturer of medical and scientific refrigeration is depended on by customers to provide safe solutions in cold chain storage. Founded in 1932 in Borough High Street London, Labcold have been serving science for over 90 years. Labcold put their customers at the heart of everything they do to ensure Labcold products meet their exact needs in terms of function and quality.

BPW Limited

Leicester business BPW Limited prides itself on high levels of customer service. The company has proved resilient off the back of building and assembling axles, suspensions and transport equipment. The business began working with NexSys back in 2007 and the adoption of SYSPRO has helped it respond to changing customer demand, build its manufacturing capabilities and gear up for future growth.

Alexander Dennis

Alexander Dennis has earned many accolades in just under two decades of business. It is a long standing member of the NFI Group, the largest bus and coach manufacturer in the UK as well as the global leader in the design and manufacturing of double decker buses. To support a business of this magnitude you need to manage all elements of your supply chain seamlessly.

Boss Design

Boss Group implemented SYSPRO in order to radically overhaul and improve operations. Moving to a lean manufacturing environment and scaling up the business has meant an 18% year on year growth all while improving delivery and reducing costs.

Vivid Arts

Vivid had an enthusiastic mission - to achieve a 4 to £5 million business within three years of start up! Thanks to our well specified and design ERP solution they are on target with projected turnover of £2 million in their first year.

Tyneside Safety Glass

As part of their £5 million investment in machinery, techniques and management Tyneside also invested in ERP to help drive efficiency and productivity. One key efficiency is a reduction in stock level by over 25% thanks to advanced shop floor data collection.


Titan were looking to replace their existing MRP software with something more meaty but needed a new system to be implemented around their existing business processes. Our flexible approach meant we were able to use their existing processes as a backbone to build upon.

Thurlby Thandar

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Thurlby had a very specific idea in mind when looking at ERP. They needed a successor for its aging systems that would integrate several programs, ensure continuity and remain current and supported for at least 10 years. They found all that and more with K3 Syspro.

Swansea Industrial Components

SIC were keen to get as much value from their ERP system as possible and so asked us to do an in-depth gap analysis to highlight the benefits we could give. Two years on and they are still experiencing the benefits of increased productivity , profitability and higher data visibility.

Select Hardware

With 55,000 sq ft of warehouse and over 4,500 SKUs , Select Hardware's "archaic" stock system of using spreadsheets was becoming troublesome. SYSPRO has revolutionised their warehouse management to the point where they are puzzled how they managed without it.