5 Supply Chain Strategies for Agile Procurement

To navigate the future with confidence, manufacturing and distribution companies require a different set of skill, a new degree of agility and a more progressive mindset. This eBook provides you with a number of strategies to help you and your organisation be more prepared to mange supply chain disruption.

Guide to Digital Transformation

This eBook provides you with a practical step-by-step guide on how you can use your ERP to proactively implement various processes and functionality, enabling your organization to reap the benefits of DX.

How to Manage Traceability and Product Recalls

Nobody ever wants to be faced with a recall situation. However, when one does arise, the ability to locate the source of the fault AND take immediate action, can make a massive difference to the impact on your business.

Managing Inventory With ERP

Inventory management must be an executive issue. This critical business function is too important to be the sole responsibility of the warehouse manager. SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management Solution incorporates an advanced, finite capacity-based, planning and scheduling (APS) system allowing you to quickly and accurately schedule while minimizing downtime.

Resistance to Change

For manufacturers, implementing ERP is probably the most significant voluntary change they can undertake. Far from being a superficial add-on, ERP brings deep-rooted, systematic change and with change comes resistance. In this eBook we cover the types of resistance faced, discuss how to overcome them and highlight the immense benefits they bring.

Industry 40 – Chapter 1 The Future of Manufacturing

In this chapter we address ‘servitization’ and the benefits it can bring. The days of ‘point of sale’ being the last contact a manufacturer has with their product are becoming a thing of the past. Servitization is allowing manufacturers and their customers to not only build a more effective product but a stronger relationship too! This is exactly what K3 customer, G&B Electronics, and business services and document technology products provider, Xerox, are doing. We’ll take a look into how both companies are embracing a servitized business model to remain relevant within their market.

Industry 40 – Chapter 2 Supply Chain Integration

Integrating the supply chain is critical to the success of a manufacturers if they want to be part of the fourth industrial revolution. In this chapter we will cover the benefits of an integrated supply chain, such as reduced costs, and also a few tips on successfully integrating your supply chain. K3 customer and world leading axle supplier, BPW, provide our case study for how K3 are helping UK manufacturers integrate the supply chain. While our leading practice looks into how global computer technology company, Dell, integrated its suppliers into the ordering process for a seamless configure to order approach.

Industry 40 – Chapter 3 Big Data Analysis

Big Data analytics is the process of examining large data sets to uncover patterns, correlations, market trends and various useful business information that had previously been hidden. This chapter will provide some top tips on implementing Big Data into your business, which in turn will provide all the information you’ll need to improve areas of value for your customers.